Sober freedom involves remaining free from the abuse of drugs or other substances. When a person decides to embrace sober freedom, the expectations never match up to the reality. For example, consider these expectations and realities.


Expectations of Sober Freedom:

Attending meetings for sobriety may be boring and uninteresting since I may have to listen to other people speak about their problems.

I may not be able to spend time with my friends.

Nothing in my life will change, and I just will not be using anymore.

All my problems will go away.

I might be able to take alcohol and drugs normally without having a relapse.

My friends and family members can immediately trust me now that I’m clean.

The Realities of Sober Freedom:

Life turns out to be much more fun and enjoyable.

The meeting turns out to be fun, and you can help yourself and other to stay clean from substance abuse.

You will hang out with friends as you become more responsible for your addiction problem.

Your life changes totally and in the most positive way.

All your cravings and obsessions are entirely removed.

Your problems cannot magically disappear, but you will find the best way to deal with them.

You may never be able to use alcohol or drugs regularly.

Your family members and friends cannot trust you as soon as you are clean, and it may take a much longer time to gain their trust all over again.

Sober Freedom Expectations Vs. Reality

Sober Freedom: Expectations Vs. Reality

As you embark on the journey to sobriety, you should know that things are going to be different from what you expected when you get sober. All of your problems cannot magically disappear, but to be free, you must find a new way to deal with these problems instead of turning to drugs or alcohol.

Sober freedom is not boring either, and it means you can have a good time and remember all that transpired without blacking out or ending up in the hospital. It allows you to have a great time with friends and family without hurting them emotionally or physically. Having a high expectation can crush the spirit of anyone, let alone a recovering addict and could prompt a relapse. You need to realize that the recovery is not an event, but a process and could take time.

How to Maintain Sober Freedom and Avoid Unrealistic Expectations:

Keep a Journal
Writing a journal can be an effective way of fighting disappointment as it keeps a record of everything that the recovering addict has to be grateful for in his/her life. It is also a good way to let out anger and work harder to make sure that there are good results in future.

Assess Your Expectations
The expectations of the recovering addict must be set in reality, and this does not mean that the bar should be set at the lowest point.

Meditation and Mindfulness
This method helps people to be less dominated by their emotions and be able to handle them as they come.

Talk to family and friends
Speaking to others about your disappointments may give you strength to keep working towards staying clean.