There are some clichés often associated with IOP treatment, and these should be avoided whenever possible. The IOP acronym is commonly used when referring to an intensive outpatient program. It can treat a variety of addiction problems, including alcoholism and drug abuse.

Below are the five clichés you need to avoid.

5 Most Common Cliches About IOP Treatment You Should Ignore

Using the Word Drug Addict

Don’t use the word addict any time you seek IOP treatment, or any other form of treatment. You are overcoming an addiction, but an addict has a negative connotation to it. You want to remain positive throughout your journey – and various types of IOP treatment are going to teach you this as well. There is never a reason to feel sorry for yourself or consider yourself weak. Seeking drug addiction treatment is the strongest thing you can do.

Fake it ‘til You Make It

There is the common cliché of people going through the motions with no real desire to change. Avoid this at all costs. The reason you are in is either because you or the people you love are concerned for your health. Don’t go into rehab until you are ready to listen to the counseling and take part in the therapy.

It’s Only Temporary

It’s not temporary. The reality is that most people suffer from addiction their entire lives. It is chronic. This doesn’t mean you are going to relapse, but it may be a constant struggle and this means you want to get into an IOP group that is going to be your support system not only while you are in IOP treatment, but even when you are out.

5 Most Common Cliches About IOP Treatment You Should Ignore

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

While you want to avoid this in IOP treatment and in life itself, there are going to be times when you stumble. The best thing that you can do is avoid temptation as well as becoming discouraged about your progress. An IOP meeting even after you have finished an inpatient treatment program can help to reduce the chances of relapsing into old habits.

All Addiction Treatment Centers are the Same

This is definitely a cliché because it seems like so many of the IOP treatment centers offer the same programs. You want to avoid these because they take an “in the box” solution with everyone and that’s not going to help you. IOP outpatient treatment should be customized to you. Remember, there may be IOP mental health issues going on as well, including anxiety, depression, and more. A treatment plan should be ready to tackle all of your problems to ensure you are on the right road to recovery.

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