The fact that detox alcohol is not a complete rehab has been ignored by many people. Sometimes, the process involved with alcohol and drug detoxification is shrouded in misconception. Based on what many people have seen in movies and read in books they have gained limited knowledge of the process of detox alcohol. Others have been scared from the numerous unpleasant stories they have heard from friends or family which has hindered them from taking their first step to recovery.

5 Common Misconceptions About Detox Alcohol

It is very important to debunk these common myths about drug and alcohol detoxification because detox plays an important role in helping you to get and stay sober. To clear your mind and chase away your fears bout detox alcohol, here are 5 common misconceptions you will need to learn about.

Some Say Detox Alcohol Is Always Painful and Difficult

This is the most obtainable misconception about detox. Uncomfortable and unpredictable symptoms can be experienced when you are addicted to a substance and get cold about it. However, these symptoms can be eased while the foundation for the next steps of recovery is provided, thanks to the recent advances that have been made in recovery and medically-supervised detox. Since it is never easy to break old habits, detox is intrinsically a challenging process. To this end, it is wise to partake in a medically supervised detox.

Some Say Detox Is Only For Heroin Addicts

According to the belief of some folks, detoxification is only made for heroin addicts or other people who are regularly under the influence of hardcore street drugs. In reality, detox alcohol is often necessary for those who are struggling with prescription drug abuse or alcohol.

5 Common Misconceptions About Detox Alcohol

Some Say Detox Requires Only One Shot

Actually, many individuals will fail during their first attempt while the goal is to successfully detox at first instance. However, this does not imply that they should give up on their quest to recovery. Many people have been in recovery for quite some time (years) and have passed through detox numerous times before they were able to arrive at the next recovery phase.

Some Say Detox Alcohol Only Lasts For About 24 To 48 Hours

Drug or alcohol detoxification has no set amount of time. The length of the detox process depends on the situation on ground. Some may have their detox within a couple of days while others may require a week or longer. However, the average length is 2 -3 days. The length of time detox will take can be affected by many variables such as age, health, and the abused substance.

Some Think That They Will Be Better As Soon As Detox Alcohol Is Over

Detox only serves as a preparatory stage to the actual recovery process. On no account, should it be considered as an independent treatment for addiction. It only prepares you to enter a recovery program once the body has gotten rid of the substance.